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Nylon Mooring Pendant

Three Strand Mooring Rope

Two Great Choices

Poly Nylon

Three Strand Nylon

Excel Ropes™ offers two high quality options for a mooring pendant. Our higher end pendants are made of Poly/Nylon which combines the strength and elasticity of nylon in the core with durable abrasion resistant polyester in the cover. These pendants come standard with a thick yellow-tinted marine-tech coating for improved abrasion resistance and visibility. Each pendant has a factory-spliced heavy duty galvanized thimble on the buoy end and a professionally spliced soft eye on the boat end and a durable Cordura® chafe sleeve. We also offer a traditional 3 strand nylon pendant that comes standard with a spliced on thimble.

Know the Size You Need

The Size You Need

The suggested length of the pendant is 2.5 times the height of your bow from the water.
example; bow is 4 feet high - pendant size would be 10' (or greater)

Suggested Sizes

mooring line suggested sizes

Mooring Set Up Example

Spliced & Whipped Thimble

mooring thimble

Chafe Guard

mooring chafe guard

Spliced & Whipped Loop

mooring line splice

Mooring Pendants Accessories

Cyclone Pendant Extention

cyclone pendant extention

Cyclone Extension Knot

cyclone pendant