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Mooring Pendants

Excel Ropes™ offers two high quality options for a mooring pendant. Our higher end pendants are made of Poly/Nylon which combines the strength and elasticity of nylon in the core with durable abrasion resistant polyester in the cover. These pendants come standard with a thick yellow-tinted marine-tech coating for improved abrasion resistance and visibility. Each pendant has a factory-spliced heavy duty galvanized thimble on the buoy end and a professionally spliced soft eye on the boat end and a durable Cordura® chafe sleeve. We also offer a traditional 3 strand nylon pendant that comes standard with a spliced on thimble.

Two Great Choices

Poly Nylon

Three Strand Nylon

Know the Size You Need

The Size You Need

The suggested length of the pendant is 2.5 times the height of your bow from the water.
example; bow is 4 feet high - pendant size would be 10' (or greater)

Suggested Sizes

mooring line suggested sizes

Mooring Set Up Example

Spliced & Whipped Thimble

mooring thimble

Chafe Guard

mooring chafe guard

Spliced & Whipped Loop

mooring line splice

Mooring Pendants Accessories

Cyclone Pendant Extention

cyclone pendant extention

Cyclone Extension Knot

cyclone pendant